With the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia as a health emergency and new measures put in place to keep people apart social distancing measures that impact on the impact on numerous businesses  like cafes and restaurants patron visit rates. With Australian individuals average spend ($4,739 for food in 2015-16, source: National farmers association) will certainly reduce fall for prepared meals in cafes and restaurants with further  implications for farmers supplying to the domestic market.

In Australia, individuals spent on average $4,739 for food in 2015-16. This includes eating out and non-alcoholic beverages. This amount rose by 16 per cent over the previous six years.


South Australian farmers used more water for the 2012-13 period compared to the previous 12 months. South Australian farmers used 842,883.6 ML of water or 17% (122,470 ML) more water for the 2012-13 period compared to the 2011-12 period. In South Australia there was an increase of 143% of water taken from irrigation channels at 72,900 ML, which accounted for a large part of the 122,470 ML (17%) increase.

South Australian farmer’s water consumption was the fourth highest in the nation with the other states NSW, Vic and QLD ranked first to third. The percentage increases of these three states were Vic 44%, NSW 39% and QLD 24%.¬† South Australian farmers in 2012-13 appear to have held back on their water consumption only increasing it by 17% compared to an increase of 32% for the national average. Source ABS 4618.0 – Water Use on Australian Farms, 2012-13.